Wreck Beach meetup

One of the fun things about photography is the community around it. I had the chance to meet up with a couple amazing photographers, Bryce Evans  and Chris Collacott. Both are inspirational and very successful photographers who are worth checking out! 1030-panoweb Being inspired by Chris to try some panoramic images I used a 50mm lens and took 5 images that combined to make the above image. My computer couldn't do the configurations required and I finally have a computer that was able to do it.

I used the Lightroom automation and it worked great. For the image below I took 21 shots but the computer was unable to render it and I ended up doing it in 5 parts and putting it together by hand. Lack of a tripod, not overlapping sufficiently and the near perspective (my toe is right at the bottom edge of the image) created problems. I may try again but it sure shows the extreme technological expertise that Chris has to make his amazing images!

Here's my tribute to Bryce, who makes landscapes reflecting the condition of people. (Bryce is really inspirational for the commitment he puts towards social change.)  Here the fisherman's net came back empty in this throw but he did have a bucket full of smelt from earlier tries.

Photography by Kerri-Jo

And then I just sat and took some images of the waves. The top two are with my 50mm and the three along the bottom are with a telephoto at 400mm, the colourful pair are long exposure with the vibrancy pushed to max in Lightroom.

_tur5562-web Photography by Kerri-Jo

_tur5507 Photography by Kerri-Jo Photography by Kerri-Jo

Behind me was the cliff face (with UBC at the top). I thought the lines on its face were interesting and used the telephoto to explore those. Basically I would shoot forward into the waves and then turn and shoot the cliff and them change lenses and do it again. Just playing!


500web 503web 510web

We stayed till dark and caught the moonrise in the last light light of the day. Then I somehow managed to hike back to the stairs and made it up them in the pitch black. Maybe it didn't seem so long as I couldn't see how far they were! (500 stairs and over a 250 ft climb) I need to start doing more landscape photography down there just for the exercise.