Westminster Abbey

I went on a photo trip with my awesome photographer friend Francis Dorsemaine and his photography group to Westminster Abbey in Mission, BC to take some more images with my Fuji GFX 50S. The first few of the exterior of the cathedral and the grounds are handheld and they are not that sharp. But the colors are nice in the bright sunlight, which didn't wash them out.

And shooting inside the cathedral! Of course with a tripod and these images are sharp. I even forgot to denoise the images as they didn't look like they had noise, at least at this resolution.

These are my favourite shots of the day and I'm going to print them on metal to keep their luminescence. It's shooting from inside the chapel through the old opaque windows into the courtyard.

And I had to try some shots with the ACROS BW setting. In the first image I set the jpgs to increase contrast, lighten highlights and darken shadows. I won't use the jpgs settings much but it's fun to play. The first image is a wall at the Abbey and the second is a nearby store at the beginning of the windstorm!