Vancouver Fashion Week 2017

I attended a couple shows on Sunday at the spring Vancouver Fashion Week to see Marilyn Wilson get honoured for her coverage and support of Vancouver Fashion Week for the past 20 shows over the last decade. So congratulations to Marilyn for her Ambassador Extraordainaire Award! As I was there I had to take a few shots of the shows I saw, including designs from Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, MACHIO MIZUMACHI, Viviane Valerius and a few from Hattitude by Christina Lichy. (We had to leave partway through her show unfortunately! I love hats!!) They were all unique and beautiful shows and the venue was completely packed with not even any standing room space.
Green Embassy Zuhal Kuvan-Mills of Green Embassy exhibited her hand made textiles in a series called "Empty Oceans." She creates them from alpaca wool, which she collects and mills herself from her own alpacas in Australia. Kuvan-Mills believes art and fashion impact our emotions and can influence change, so she wanted to bring this show to Vancouver because of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion and its threat to local waters. Green Embassy is Australia’s first internationally recognised organic fashion label.
MACHIO MIZUMACHI Machio Mizumachi from Japan has won numerous awards for his innovative and captivating designs. He said that this collection is to portray both nostalgia and fantasy while using primary colours, vivid graphics and texture from various accessories. His bio states that his design basis is to dismantle and rebuild couture.
Viviane Valerius Viviane Valerius has had a passion for art and design from a young age, perhaps inheriting it from her mother who was a seamstress in Haiti. She earned her BA in Fashion Design at Miami International University of Art & Design. Valerius works out of her own atelier in Miami making custom designs for a select clientele.
Hattitude Christina Lichy creates handmade hats and hair jewellery. She uses a variety of materials including felt, straw, fur and fabric, to which she will enhance with feathers, ribbon, mica and pearls. She puts a modern twist to traditional styles and uses bright eye catching colours.
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