Turkmen Horse Holiday 2012

Check out the newest book highlighting the special day of the horse in Turkmenistan: In this special edition some of the special guests talk about their experiences, including Francine Anderson (Canadian Jockey riding in the International Race), Dr. Guillermo Lockhart (Akhal-Teke Uruguay judging the Endurance Race), Pio Olascoaga (Pio Endurance, endurance race participant), Michèle van Kasteren (Asman Teke Stud, jumping judge), Petra Marešová (Farm Achalteke Tukleky, halter judge), Jean de Bannes (Akhal-Teke France president, halter judge and speaker), Kätlin Leisson & Kaido Puusepp (Akhal-Teke Est, founding ATHA members), and of course Kerri-Jo's comments about her amazing experiences during the celebrations along with some gorgeous photos!