the Kootenays II

My first shot! We went down behind my partner's old homestead in Fort Steele along the Kootenay River for our first outing and we had to cross the tracks. The Railway was actually diverted initially from Fort Steele through Cranbrook, making it the heritage town it is today and establishing Cranbrook as the central city in the Kootenays. 

I have wanted to capture the beautiful birch trees in the fall and will have to make a specific trip! But I did find a few with some leaves left I made the most of capturing. With the double exposure it looks lots more full!!

Typical scenery around Fort Steele at the base of the Rockies. We did lots of walking through here!

This image is up the Wild Horse north of Fort Steele and is two images, one is directly across from the other:

Same spot as above in the Wild Horse, second shot is of the sky highlighting the outline and trees along with ridge as well as the amazing colours fo the sky. I am going to make a series of this type of minimalism and this is my second image in that series:

I'm not sure how this image worked out but I'd love to do a series like this!!

I took this image while driving between sites. Two long exposure images of 15 seconds:

Hidden lake at sunset. We went back a couple times but only saw does and young.

And just a straight shot at Hidden Lake, because sometimes nature is so beautiful just as is:

And the only legal ruminants we saw, but they were on private land so these are the only shots made: