Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls is on the way to Whistler Village where we are staying at Bear Lodge for the weekend.  

_DSF0680-web _DSF0659-web

I am playing with a Fuji X100S that Fuji has loaned me for my trips to Turkmenistan and China. I used it some in Turkmenistan and had a couple major problems that I hope to fix this weekend before I'm off to China!! First is the importing of photos onto my MacBook Air laptop via Lightroom. The files are coming in at 50-60 MB instead of 16 MB. (You can imagine the storage problems on a MacBook air with files that size!) And the second is the color profile of the files, it's very blue and I have corrected that with auto in Lightroom here for these images, but I'm still not happy with the color. I need to get these problems fixed in the next couple days!!
_DSF0699-web _DSF0713-web

The camera seems quite versatile and here I have it on aperture priority. For not having a tripod the camera is quite stable up to 1/60th hand held.  

_DSF0728-web _DSF0752-web        

F2, 1/1000, ISO 200                                                        

F16, 1/60, ISO 320         _DSF0688-web _DSF0683-web        

F2, 1/900, ISO 400                                                        

F11, 1/25, ISO 1600  

And a couple more tourist shots with the X100S:

_DSF0670-web _DSF0663-web

Here I'm trying out the X100S's pano feature. The color was quite off though (even more than the single shots) and so I converted them to BW:

_DSF0701-web _DSF0702-web _DSF0700-web

And here we are at Whistler just across the walking bridge from our condo:


Some notes about the X100S: The best thing about the camera is its size and the controls. It's so easy to change settings with the manual dials. I love being inconspicuous and it's a camera I can bring everywhere. The focus seems good but I'm not always sure what I'm getting in the shot with the automatic settings. I use aperture priority mainly with my D4 but with the X100S I need to adjust them to manual to get it right a lot of the time (at least that is easy!) I think if I wasn't comparing it to the D4 it would be so much better (low light is an especially bad comparison but I think I still am getting something worthwhile with the X100S). I'll see how it goes after I get used to it and can see the files properly imported to the computer.