RAG: Imperfect Offerings

I found Naoko Fukumaru's talk about the exhibit, Imperfect Offerings, and especially kintsugi, at the Richmond Art Gallery's summer 2021 exhibition very interesting. Kintsugi is a cultural practice that embraces a crack or defect and highlights it, and making it more precious. 

I have used in camera multiple exposure to combine various elements into one and further highlight the fragmentation and joining of the individual pieces.









In the back room is the new installation, the Slug Pottery Excavation Room. It's a pile of thousands of pieces of broken ceramics that were discarded at Mike Henry's famous Slug Pottery Studio. Naoko convinced him to let her use them for an exhibition and has created a thought provoking pile of artifacts about healing and beauty through brokenness.





  My favourite piece is the glass negative
  that has been restored using Kintsugi,
  again creating something even more beautiful
  and adding a human element to the landscape
  promising respect and collaboration between
  people and the environment.