PPOC Salon 2014

Photography by Kerri-Jo Photography by Kerri-Jo Photography by Kerri-Jo Photography by Kerri-Jo

These are my entries for the PPOC Salon 2014.

The first image, Rail Geometry, earned a merit in fine art.

The second image, Hijab, is a photo transfer onto an acrylic canvas that I painted and it was accepting in Experimental.
Two of the judges were upset about including a photo that has painting on it.

The next one, Calvalia, Liberty, got an acceptance in the animal category.
The comments were that the images of the horses were unbelievable and they didn't like the fact that the horses were coloured as they knew they were white horses (that was the lighting). Another comment is that only the one horse is sharp - that is because it is shot in the dark at f1.4 and higher iso during the Cavalia performance. It would be impossible to freeze action at a smaller aperture. I think I should have put this image in the press or editorial category and it would have been better received. 

The final one, Prelude for Cello, was not accepted. It was in the figure study category (an artistic representation of the human body), but there were no comments on it. So I'm happy to hang three images this year! However, from now on I will enter press and editorial categories to enter for Commercial Photographer of the Year and leave the fine artist category to other artists! My focus is on press and editorial images anyways!!

And my merit image larger:

Photography by Kerri-Jo