HIPA Photo Contest

Update: 2. General, "Golden Stallion":

Golden Stallion

Has gone onto round 3!!! Apparently there are 4 rounds now, with thousands of entries it is a huge contest!! No kidding with that amount of prize money!


HIPA is the Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award and is awarding the highest financial prizes in a photography competition. I entered a photo in each category and had all four accepted.


I've copied the acceptance letter:

Dear Kerri-Jo,

Greetings from HIPA, We would like to thank you for participating in the HIPA 2013 (Creating the Future),

Your photographs in all the categories: Creating the Future, General, The Street Life and Black and White categories are qualified to the second judgment stage, We wish you all the best



And here are the entries I submitted. I'm so excited just to be part of such a cool competition! Winners are announced on March 17th. Wish me luck :-)

1. Creating the future, Cavalia: "Bounding into the Future":

Bounding into the Future

2. General, "Golden Stallion":

Golden Stallion

3. The Street Life, "Modern Transportation":

Photography by Kerri-Jo

4. Black and White, "the Slide":

the Slid