Day of the Horse 2011

Talk about the trip of a lifetime! This small but so historical country overflows with culture and hospitality. Turkmenistan is absolutely amazing and a must visit, especially for horse lovers. Their beautiful Akhal-Teke horse is intertwined throughout their history and remains an important part of their society. They celebrate them on the last Sunday in April, which is their "Day of the Horse", the holiday of the Turkmen racer.


Blog Posts: 1. Around Ashgabat on my First Day     I. the city     II. the neighbourhood
2. The Ashgabat Hippodrome and Equestrian Complex     I. Jumper Stable     II. The backstretch
3. The Art Competition, judging
4. Vladimir Bagdasarian's studio
5. At the Bazaars!
6. The opening ceremonies of the “The Horse is the Winged Symbol of Revival”     I. Waiting outside     II. the Art Exhibit     III. Speeches & Entertainment 7. The National Museum of Turkmenistan     I. Exterior & the Changing of the Guards     II. Inside the National Museum
8. Conference: The Turkmen Horse and the Art and Science of World Horse Breeding
9. The Beauty Contest:     I. Horses being presented to the President     II. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov     III. Entertainment: Vaulting & Roman Riding     IV. Contestants shown in halter     V. Contestants shown with adornments     VI. Contestants Under Saddle     VII. the winner!
10. The Day of the Horse!     I. Opening Ceremonies     II. Entertainment: Roman Riding, jumping & circus horse     III. the horse races!     IV. The Ahal Velayat Equestrian Complex

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