Cavalia Odysseo

Cavalia Odysseo

Cavalia comes again to Vancouver with Cavalia Odysseo. It's a high tech theatrical experience on a larger scale than before, literally, as the the stage is the size of two football fields. The scenery highlights some amazing landscapes, joining humans and horses in their voyage of discovery as they travel around the world. Imagery is captivating and just the topping on the athleticism of the 67 horses (all stallions and geldings) and 48 artists.

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---- And just a note for animal rights advocates, since I heard on the radio on the way to the press preview that someone was upset that the horses had to live in that tent. You should be so lucky to be a horse with this production! They are not only very carefully looked after, the training puts the horses first and does not force them into doing anything. Training is based on a horse's nature, their willing participation and positive reinforcement. And that cooperation between the people and horses shows up when a horse decides to do something else during the show and is left to explore and find their way back. Of course keeping the animals in the best condition gives the best performances, and that isn't just physical but also their mental condition that is just as important to Cavalia. ----

I've posted 66 photos and I still have a few more to come!! So check back! and the photos are now posted in Kerri-Jo's Facebook gallery