CAPA Gold!

Your image named ‘Out of Blue’ was selected and awarded CAPA Gold medal in VIPF 2013 Photo Contest.

Our award presentation date will be held on Oct. 5 (11am to 12:30pm) in Visitor Center Hall of VanDusen Botanical Garden at 5251 Oak Street at W.37th Avenue Vancouver, BC Canada On that day, 3 level government's representative, Embassy's representative and our important guests will come and witness your success.

You’re invited to come and collect your award just after the open ceremony at 11:00am. Please confirm your attendance through your email by Oct 4, 2013 to Simon Cheung. If you cannot attend our event in time, your award will be sent to your mailing address on or before Nov. 24, 2013. Hope we can see you and witness you success too.

Best regard Simon Cheung
Vice Chairman / Competition Coordinator of VIPF blue


I'll be going to get my award in person! Hope to see you there!!!