I was going to a fashion show in support of breast cancer and I decided it would be more fun to shoot it than just sit and watch, so I asked one of the organizers if I could photograph it. I then met Randi Winter and Cynthia Pace who organized the show and they were enthusiastic.

Since I've never shot a fashion show I thought it would be a good idea to try it first and then met Joseph MacKinnon, director of the Waterfall Building, at the Nikon Pro event. He invited myself and fellow photographer Robert Falconer to come and shoot there at the ***MIXED*** ARTIFAAX --DECARY & JARDER--AGELESS FASHION & BEAUTY, LIVE ART & MULTI MEDIA event.

ARTIFAAX LuvnGrace Fashion

Photographing at the fashion show was really fun. There I met another great photographer, Mark Jarder, who also had a great multimedia presentation running as well. We also met Vernard LuvnGrace Goud who produced the event. There was one model who really stood out for me as well, Chantal Benz. Yves Decary painting there just was the perfect topping for this great event. This post should be called meeting cool people! I hope to work with everyone again! The lighting was terrible but Joseph managed to divert some lighting from the great art display onto the runway to showcase the models.

(You can also see my photos in the album.)

The first part showcased Denise Brillon of Artifaax's creations. I just love the plaid skirts!! and her aesthetic in general. I'm going to have to start saving for some of these cool clothes! The second show was Nancy Perreault's haute couture collection. Her clothing was too fancy for me, although that pink dress with the jacket really motivates me to get into shape to wear something like that!