4th International IATHA meeting

The 4th meeting of the International Akhalteke Horse Breeding Association was held at the Yyldyz Hotel.

Photography by Kerri-Jo

First the Deputy Cabinet Minister read a letter of greeting from the Honorable President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the president of the association. It included that membership was increasing and the interest in the Akhal-Teke breed of horse is continuing to rise throughout the world and breeding is expanding into more countries. The main goals of the association are to increase the glory of the Turkmen Atlary internationally, to set up record keeping for the breed, organize more sporting events and develop the horses to international levels, increase the skills and horsemanship of the professionals involved with the horses, safeguard the breed and expand the genetics, and spread comprehensive information about the breed worldwide.

Photography by Kerri-Jo Photography by Kerri-Jo

The Deputy Cabinet Minister then made his own remarks about the association, stating that as a direct result of the President adding his personal attention to the breed and this organization much has been accomplished. This year a new training center on the outskirts of Ashgabat has been put into commission and the other tracks have been modernized, including the addition of new high tech surfacing. A new training center for jockeys and trainers that will work in conjunction with the Agricultural University has just been inaugurated as well. The library in the Turkmen Atlary has just been opened and they are putting out a journal as well. In closing he requested the delegates submit recommendations and advice for improving the association.

Photography by Kerri-Jo

The country delegates who spoke included Dr. Guillermo Lockhart for Uruguay, Sylvina Grandolini, Argentina, Yakov ___ for Kazakstan and Cynthia Swensen for Canada. Norgeldi Nadarov spoke for Turkmenistan and noted how much has been done this year to improve the conditions for both the horses and the people involved with them. One example he used was the building of new villages around the equestrian centers and ensuring that areas for children are abundant to make the villages family friendly. He also mentioned the new training center as part of the university and the importance of establishing strong postgraduate research programs specifically devoted to horse breeding and horsemanship.

Photography by Kerri-Jo

In closing it was stated that everyone is encouraged to attend the Extraordinary Meeting of the Association in Beijing, China, on May 12th as it is important for breed lovers throughout the world to contribute and exchange ideas.

Photography by Kerri-Jo Photography by Kerri-Jo Photography by Kerri-Jo Photography by Kerri-Jo Photography by Kerri-Jo Check out all of the photos in the Turkmen Horse Holiday 2014 gallery!